I’m Nicole, welcome to Cake Got Your Tongue! We hold stalls, take orders, make tailored creations for all your desires, and we’re open to wholesale arrangements.

Whether it be vegan, sugar free, gluten free, raw, savory or classic, we’re up for any tantalizing, tasty and tricky culinary endeavor! This website shows what we’ve been making, and can give you some ideas if you’re in the mood for something delicious!

Everything is made with kilos of love, from scratch, and can be healthy, indulgent or original.

I am addicted to the euphoria of flavour marriage! Experimenting with sweet, rich, raw, creamy, zesty, nutty and all other mouth watering ingredients is a true joy. Layering authentic twists on traditional recipes is something I do well.

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This is an all-inclusive cake shop! Everyone has the right to crave. No man gets left behind. Vegans, Gluten intolerants', sugar-free and raw citizens are ALL welcome!

1. Local Love

Local ownership means quality, care and convenience. Cake Got Your Tongue have you covered for any dessert desires. By supporting our small business you are guaranteeing yourself a delicious result that is made by us specifically for you. No mass production in sight.

2. How long is a piece of string?

Even with our extensive menu, we make it our first priority to make sure you can order what you like. Alterations, diet-specific treats and personal request are welcomed with open arms. There are no limits to what we can make for you!

3. Our customers come first

We all know that there are countless places to buy cakes and pastries. But how do you know of the quality? How do you know who you are supporting ? Cake Got Your Tongue is a local business, meaning there’s more time and love going into YOUR order. It will always be a fair exchange, where you are listened to, and given exactly what you want.

4. A quick journey has the cake towards your tongue

For those lucky enough to live in Sydney, you will never wait more than a week for your order. We will answer any and all of your questions promptly, and will provide affordable and convenient delivery, right to your door! In a flash, the cake you added to your cart will be accompanying the sound of your door bell.