I feel like there has been an insane abundance of berries available over the last couple of months, and I sure do feel spoilt! SO delicious, SO cheap and SO good for you!

Only recently did I discover that blueberries are my ABSOLUTE favourite. Sweet, tart and so diverse in what they can be used for.

But I’m not one to discriminate, all berries are outstanding winners!

Perfect in Vegan Zucchini Loaves…


And in Vegan Double Decker Chocolate Cake…

Always a well sort after addition in a Vegan & Gluten Free Poppy Seed Cake…


Bursting with juciy goodness amongst a bevy of brother berries and cream stacked onto a fluffy pavlova…


100% welcome on top of a Classic Creamy Cheesecake.

Pretty much berries are welcome every where!

Be sure to get amongst the berry brilliance that is coming out of Queensland’s beautiful farms.

Too good!!

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