Good Mood Food

It may seem silly to most, or some, or maybe none! But I am a firm believer that the mood you cook your food in has SERIOUS effects on the taste.

There have been times where there is cookie dough I need to roll, or pies I need to fill, and i just DON’T feel like it. I know now to leave it, relax, and come back when my mood has turned. No way would I ever feel okay with making food that has any remorse, anxiety or anger in it.

Sure, the process of baking can bring unforeseen frustrations, but it’s worth it to overcome it and push on.

Starting a bake day in a bad mood? No, that’s not allowed. There are a few blogs out there that express similar thoughts –


It’s actually quite a funny read.

There are conversations I’ve had where we all nod in agreement: cooking angry never ends well.

But the thing that concretes this notion for me? Well it’s all based on my own personal experiences. Cakes that don’t rise, crusts that won’t separate from the tin, pastry that REFUSES to crisp up… I’ve seen it all. And it’s always a case of crabby moods that instigate these baking fails.

So the moral of the story? Only cook in a good mood! I can at least say as much for my own products. So I guess this post is sort of like a guarantee… I vow that the Cake Got Your Tongue line is made with full throttle love and happiness! And if ever you find yourself wondering when and if your mood will change – never fear! We’ve got your back!

Peruse our mouthwatering menu for something tantalisingly scrumptious today!

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